So let talk about application development

As time passes as someone who’s skill set is lent to other companies to help with software development and even maintaining it as a Technical Administrator, who tries to keep the system in check, and understand what went wrong and make decent Bug reports. I want to talk about Software Development and all its woe’s I seen.

Software development, is in my opinion a fascinating process. It never the same, in every company I have been, when I started I knew a few things about it I mean. I knew about the waterfall model, extreme programing etc.

But over time I learned other development methods like Scrum, Kanban etc. Witch are nice, but it makes sometimes forget what the goal is. To make a piece of software that can stand the test of time.

Yes the code would be old, but it will still work. And if someone needs to change a thing they don’t have to become a code archaeologist. And try to find out what the mind set was back in the day. What you were interested in in technology to make a little change.

We as a Software Developer or someone who is part of that cycle need to want to make software that is robust. So we need to test our code with Junit or something like that. And we need to think about should we log thing? If so what is interesting to log. What do we need to keep track of so we can figure out if something went wrong what was the cause. I don’t want to count the amount of times I had to dig through the database the application used. And with code in hand and the database soft of could figure out what went wrong.

So as so many bloggers out there that have a Job in the IT ill write about it. And the first few will be about logging and my thoughts on it. I don’t know when ill post them but I will soon I hope.

Reinstalled the wordpress

So after years letting my website collect post. And having a few post on my experiences on Eclipse. I decided that it was time for a fresh new start. I don’t do a lot with Eclipse RCP these days in my line work. So it was time to do a clean install and start redoing the website. And because I don’t recall why I installed half of the plugins I had. It was better to do a clean install.

Maybe ill get back to some Eclipse RCP specific post but for now, just focusing on getting a fresh blog up and running.